Alfa Romeo Lane Keeping Assist System

One of the most popular upgrades among Alfa Romeo drivers is the lane keeping assist system, also known as lane keep assist for short. That’s because it’s designed to prevent accidents on highways like the NJ Turnpike, Garden State Parkway, I-80 & I-287.

As of this blog post’s publishing, lane keep assist is available for the Alfa Romeo Stelvio & Alfa Romeo Giulia as part of the Active Driver Assistance Package that also includes these other sought-after safety features:

  • Highway assist system
  • Traffic jam assist
  • Adaptive cruise control plus
  • Active blind spot assist
  • Traffic sign recognition
  • Driver attention alert
  • Automatic high-beam system
  • Infrared windshield
  • Auto-dimming outside mirrors

How Alfa Romeo Lane Keep Assist Works

To answer this, we’ll first go over what lane keep assist does for you. For starters, it performs the role that the lane departure warning feature does to alert you when you’re starting to drift out of your lane by showing a visual indication on the instrument cluster display and possibly sounding an audible alert.

Just to note: the lane markings that show up in the display appear white when detected by the system & grey when they are not. And the lane you’re drifting towards will light up further in the instrument cluster display.

The system determines when you’re drifting without a turn signal being applied using a camera that’s mounted on the windshield. This camera senses the lane marking and vehicle position within the lane boundaries to monitor how in or out of center your Alfa Romeo is.

Alfa Romeo Lane Keep Assist

What makes Alfa Romeo’s lane keep assist special is that the system actually applies torque to the steering wheel to help bring your vehicle back to the center of the lane & it can also slow your vehicle down to keep it in your designated lane.

Lane keep assist will remain turned on, even when you restart your Alfa Romeo. All you need to do to turn it on or off is to press the button at the end of the multifunction lever. And when you turn it on, the system will operate properly at speeds between 37 & 110 mph as long as lane markings are visible on at least one side of your vehicle.

Here are the conditions in which the system will not perform properly:

  • If there’s poor visibility for the camera to detect the lane markings
  • If the roads you’re on are excessively curvy
  • If the vehicle ahead of you is too close
  • If you apply the turn signal
  • If you take your hands off of the steering wheel

Contact Ramsey Alfa Romeo to learn even more about lane keep assist & to set up a test drive of a Giulia or Stelvio equipped with this upgraded advanced driver assistance system!

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